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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I think something is wrong with my vehicle, what do I do next?
Liebenberg Auto has a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager, Melissa Conradie. This Power-Ranger will tell
you exactly what to do and where to go.
Only Liebenberg Auto supplier of choice will be used and no claims from third party entities will be recognized.
As with any warranty you need to obtain authorization before you proceed with any repairs as unauthorized
repairs will be for your own account.

2. Are there any exclusions on your warranty?
As we buy and sell vehicles that are used there are some items that will not be covered under the warranty.
These are items of a cosmetic nature or serviceable items or items which do not influence the performance and
capabilities of the vehicle. Exclusions list below…
clutch assemblies, accessories, alarm/immobilizer, radio/CD players, tyres, tubes, paint, water
leaks, glass, batteries, electrical systems,
ordinary maintenance work, spare keys, central locking, cruise control or gear locks.

3. Do you sell accident damaged vehicles?
Liebenberg Auto undertakes to at all times do our homework to the best of our ability in regards to accident
damaged vehicles. We do not buy or sell them if we know or we can perceive that they were accidentally damaged.
We also do not buy salvages and repair them. We will never buy any vehicle where there is damage on the undercarriage or post pillars.
Liebenberg Auto may remove rust, take out dents or scratches or even spray or replace some panels if the
scratches are too deep to remove. We like our cars to look neat as we are very proud of our stock, and do not
expect our clients to buy it from us if we have not given the vehicle the needed TLC.
All our stock is in USED status and not BUILD UP or CODE 3

4. Does the vehicle come with a roadworthy?
Liebenberg Auto stock is checked, driven, tested and yes – roadworthy approved! The roadworthy in line with
the National Road Traffic Act is obtained by an e-Natis approved roadworthy centre and is valid for 60 days.

5. Do you sell vehicles “AS IS” / VOESTOOTS?
As mentioned on our home page… Liebenberg Auto does check, prep and inspect our vehicles. We do not sell
them “as is” as we refurbish them if anything is needed.

6. Can you give me a discount?
We want you to be happy, so a discount can always be negotiated. As Liebenberg Auto get our cars in showroom
condition before we sell them we do spend a certain amount of funds on the preparation of the vehicles. This
includes servicing, intensive cleaning, repairing of roadworthy faults, cosmetic rectification (only if needed to
some panels), upholstery repairs, changing tyres etc. Should the funds left in the vehicle be enough to fulfil our
warranty to our consumers we may allow a discount on certain models.
In instances where there are not enough funds left to fulfil the warranty once a discount is given the dealership
may suggest that the client attend to certain reconditioning him/herself which may allow the sale to be made on
The dealership would then disclose all anticipated reconditioning to the client who could then choose to either
live without the repairs and take the vehicle as it stands for a better price or even repair the vehicle themselves.
The client would then be responsible for all repairs after delivery takes place and waive the dealer of the
consumer warranty usually provided at full price.

7. Can I trade in my vehicle if I still owe on it?
Liebenberg Auto would love to trade-in or even buy your bakkie! We will assist you in getting an up-to-date
settlement quote from your bank. We will then get offers from neighbouring dealers should your vehicle fall
outside our stock criterion. Once the deal takes place, we will settle your vehicle with the bank and you will only
pay instalments on your new set of wheels.

8. Where does Liebenberg Auto get their cars?
Liebenberg Auto has an experienced buyer who buys all our stock from reliable sources. Ownership is checked
against the vehicle before purchases are made.

9. Do you arrange finance on my behalf?
Yes, we can! Liebenberg Auto is approved by all the major finance houses in South Africa and we have an on-site
F&I will personally negotiate the best interest rates and terms on your deal directly with the banks.

10. Can you assist me if I am blacklisted or under debt review?
Unfortunately, at this stage, Liebenberg Auto only facilitates bank finance. The banks currently work on referable
credit references on the credit bureaux of South Africa, and should it come to light that has been any default,
judgement listings or constant late payments the bank may decline the finance application. Client who have
applied for Debt Review are not by law permitted to enter into any new credit agreements and will therefore not
be accommodated with new finance.

11. Can you help me with finance if I am self-employed?
Yes, we can… We will need the following documents to support your application at the bank.
SOLE PROPRIETORS (You trading, but not registered)
a) 6 Months Bank Statements (in your personal name)
b) ITB34 in you only receive cash deposits
c) Green Barcoded ID or ID Smart Card
d) Valid, latest driving License
e) Proof of Residential Address (not older than 3 months)
a) Personal details of all members or shareholders
b) ID Smart card or Green Barcoded ID of all members or shareholders
c) Proof of Residential Address for all members or shareholders
d) Proof of Business Address for the business
e) 4 Months Business Bank statements (In the business name)
f) Company Registration Documents
g) BRNC – Business Register Number Certificate (obtainable at local traffic department)
h) Ultimate Beneficial Ownership declaration
i) Resolution and Surety will be applicable on Juristic Approvals.

12. Do I need a deposit?
In South Africa, trade and retail value have been disputed for many decades. In the used vehicle industry, the rule
of demand and availability usually applies. In most instances, no deposits are required, but in some cases the bank
may require a deposit based on various factors within your application including but not limited to Equity,
Affordability and Age of the Asset purchased.

13. Do I need insurance?
When bank finance is used a comprehensive insurance confirmation is needed prior to delivery of the vehicle.
Please ask our F&I should you require any assistance.

14. I am foreign, can I do finance?
If you are permanently employed in South Africa certain banks may approve finance for foreign clients who bank
with them. The finance term will not exceed the VISA or passport expiration date which could result in a large
deposit. The more the deposit the less risk for the bank and the more likely they are to approve the finance.

15. Why is the mileage on your vehicle so high?
At Liebenberg Auto, we keep the mileage on the vehicle original. We do not tamper with the clock. So, even if it
might seem high – rest assured that it is original.
Commercial vehicles are subject to a little higher mileage than ordinary sedans used for private and leisure and
an average of up to 27000km annually could apply. If you take the age of the vehicle times 27000km, you will get to the supposed average mileage.

16. Where is my spare key?
Liebenberg Auto gives you all the keys to the vehicle that we have. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the
vehicles are pre-owned it might not have all the marketing and sales material issued when the vehicle was new –
this includes spare keys and owner’s manuals.

17. Does your vehicles have a service history?
When Liebenberg Auto purchases vehicles we do try to obtain a copy of the service books, but if there are no
books in the vehicle it does not mean that the vehicle was never serviced. One can clearly see from the condition
of a vehicle whether it has been looked after and services maintained. Ask your sales consultant to try and trace
some history on the vehicle you are interested in purchasing as agents’ history will be on their database.

18. Do I get an interval service from Liebenberg Auto when I buy a car?
If a vehicle has full service history, we do not interrupt the intervals. If a vehicle is due for a service, we do give it
an oil change service. If the vehicle has no service history on file, we will do a major service and check fluid

19. Do I need to purchase an additional warranty on my vehicle?

The extended warranty that Liebenberg Auto offers to our clients is completely optional, however runs for a 2 year period, unlimited mileage.

This product is written specifically for used vehicles of a commercial nature and includes benefits like wear & tear, consequential losses and roadside assistance.

It is important to remember that even new vehicles are sold with a warranty. Why would one consider purchasing a used vehicle without one.

20. Does the extended warranty include all my services?

The extended warranty is given solely in respect to broken or defective mechanical parts. The benefits the policy provides is subject to ordinary maintenance on the vehicle (like regular servicing)

Although the services are for your own account, the services do not have to be done by the agents. It can be done at any RMI approved workshop as they use authentic service parts and the correct oil for your engine. Self-servicing under a warranty plan is not allowed.

Please note: *Serviceable items are not covered under the plan. These can be defined as parts that needs changing at certain intervals or has a certain lifespan (clutch kits, brake pads, oils or air filters and sparkplugs)

21. What happens to my finance agreement if I become ill?

Liebenberg Auto can provide information and quote on a credit protection policy that will settle any outstanding debt at the financial institution should the client become disabled or suffer from one of the listed dread diseases. Death cover is automatically included in this plan and can leave your loved ones secured with your vehicle after you are not there anymore.

22. What is the “DELIVERY” fee on my invoice? I collected the vehicle myself.

“Delivery” is a fee charged for the preparation of the vehicle up until the delivery takes place and could be considered a glorified admin fee (also sometimes referred to as “on the road cost”). The amounts total to R 4450 which is split into a VAT portion of R 2950 and a non-VAT portion of R 1500. The fee includes intermediary services (signup fee, FIC verification, communications between the client, the finance house, the VAP supplier and the insurance), number plates, registration of ownership, delivery fuel and licensing (paid upfront for the year).


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